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Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding guest dresses

Australian Event Ready Dresses for elegance, style, and unforgettable impressions

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Pencil Dress
Looking for the perfect wedding guest dress? We’ve got your back! Our collection caters to every Aussie lass, offering everything from breezy maxis perfect for beach weddings to sophisticated midis for city ceremonies. With the latest trends at the forefront, our dresses guarantee you’ll dazzle without overshadowing the bride !

We're not just about stunning dresses; our goal is to provide a seamless shopping experience. From easy browsing and detailed sizing to swift Australia-wide shipping, we ensure you get your dream dress fast. Ready to find a dress that exceeds your expectations? Explore our collection and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Pencil Dress

Wedding Guest dress

Looking for the perfect wedding guest dress? We’ve got your back! Our collection caters to every Aussie lass, offering everything from breezy maxis perfect for beach weddings to sophisticated midis for city ceremonies. With the latest trends at the forefront, our dresses guarantee you’ll dazzle without overshadowing the bride !

Choosing the ideal wedding guest dress means finding that sweet spot between comfort and style. Our range features high-quality, comfortable fabrics and designs that flatter. Whether you’re after the elegance of soft pastels or the statement of bold prints, we’ve got the palette to match the wedding’s vibe.

We’re not just about stunning dresses; our goal is to provide a seamless shopping experience. From easy browsing and detailed sizing to swift, we ensure you get your dream dress fast. Ready to find a dress that exceeds your expectations? Explore our collection and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Bridesmaid’s dress

Wedding Guest Dresses


Wedding Guest Dresses

Celebrating the Unique Beauty of Every Woman

WEDDING X Cocktails x Parties

Celebrating the Unique Beauty of Every Woman

Welcome to our corner of the internet, your premier destination for exquisite wedding guest dresses and bridesmaid dresses, perfectly suited for the beautiful diversity of weddings in Australia. Here, we embrace the natural elegance of the Australian landscape, from the serene roll of distant hills to the delicate dance of leaves in a gentle breeze.

Embrace Your Unique Style with Our Exclusive Collection

Our collection is deeply rooted in the Aussie ethos, blending contemporary trends with timeless wedding attire. Imagine strapless silhouettes as smooth as the coastal waves, backless wonders that embrace the warm summer air, and asymmetrical cuts that add a modern twist to your look. Each design is a tribute to the sophisticated interplay of charm and urban elegance.

The fabrics we choose are soft and reminiscent of a vibrant garden party, adorned with subtle floral patterns that whisper tales of spring and renewal. The modern cuts and meticulous details inject a refined class into each piece, celebrating the individual beauty of every woman who wears our dresses.

More Than Just Dresses

Our dresses are more than garments—they are a salute to nature and an invitation to enjoy the genuine pleasures of life. They are perfect for outdoor celebrations, from garden weddings to relaxed backyard gatherings under the Australian sun, where joy and laughter fill the air.

Step into a world where romance merges with the raw beauty of nature, where the past meets the present, and every garment narrates a love story with the environment. Whether you are seeking a dress that murmurs the softness of spring or one that dazzles like a summer sunset, our collection is designed to fulfill your most cherished desires.

Join us on this journey of beauty, where each dress is a celebration of femininity and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate life. With our commitment to excellence and a flair for creativity, we are excited to offer unique pieces that encapsulate our brand’s spirit.

As you explore our online store, enjoy a seamless and poetic shopping experience. Let our dresses accompany you through every precious moment of your life, whether it’s a sophisticated evening in the countryside or as a wedding guest dress designed to capture every gaze.

Together, let’s honor the unique beauty of every woman and make each wedding a testament to individual style and grace.

Australian Chic and Elegance

WEDDING X Cocktails x Parties

Right amongst the beauty of the bush, where the horizon is nothing but rolling hills and the wind’s whisper rustles through the grass, that’s where you find a spark of timeless inspiration. G’day and welcome to our little slice of the internet, your first stop for wedding and evening gear, where femininity is wrapped up in soft hues of dusty pink, pale pink, and sage green, all moving to the season’s beat in a pastel dream.

Our range is deep in the Aussie spirit, mixing the latest trends with chic wedding gear and guest frocks meant to shine in all their country glory. Think strapless numbers with lines smooth as the ocean, backless beauties that play with the summer air, and asymmetric designs for that modern edge. Each piece we’ve crafted is a nod to the bush elegance and city sleekness combined.

Each dress is a tribute to the great outdoors, a perfect blend of the trendy and the true blue country vibe. Soft fabrics and floral patterns bring to mind the sweet scents of a garden in full bloom, while the modern shapes and neat details throw in a dash of class to the mix.

Our frocks are way more than just clothes; they’re a tip of the hat to nature, an invite to revel in life’s simple and genuine joys. Ideal for bush do’s, alfresco parties, and backyard bashes under the summer sun, where happiness and light-heartedness are the order of the day.

Jump into our world where romance and the natural world are tightly knit, where new meets old, and where every piece tells a love tale with the surroundings. Whether you’re after a wedding get-up that whispers of spring’s softness or one that’s as striking as a summer sunset, our collection’s here to meet your wildest dreams.

Join us on this beauty-filled journey, where dresses are tributes to femininity and every moment is a chance to celebrate being alive. With our dedication to top-notch quality and our zeal for creativity, we’re stoked to bring you unique pieces that capture our brand’s essence.

So, as you wander through our online shop, let it be a journey of ease and poetic beauty, and let our dresses be there for you in every cherished moment of your life, whether it’s for a classy country evening do or a wedding guest dress that’ll have all eyes on you.

WGD’s guide and selection

Style and Types

WGD's Style

Your Ultimate Guide to Stylish Essentials for Every Australian Fashionista

Hello to all the chic ladies across Australia! As you embrace the vibrant lifestyle from bustling city streets to serene beach sides, we’re excited to guide you through an array of stunning attire perfectly suited for any event, ensuring you always stay ahead in the fashion game.


Start your wardrobe with our elegant lace dresses and wedding dresses, crafted for those fairy-tale moments. Whether it's your special day or you're attending as a guest, our dresses, including the exquisite bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses, offer the perfect blend of sophistication and charm.

For glamorous evenings, choose from our evening dresses and ball gowns that are sure to turn heads at any gala or ball. And for those fun, casual gatherings, why not opt for a playful skater dress or a comfortable yet chic shirtdress?

Our party dresses and cocktail dresses are a must-have for your social events, with details like spaghetti straps and ruffled designs adding a touch of flair. For the expecting fashionistas, our maternity dresses ensure you look gorgeous throughout your journey.

Transitioning from day to night is easy with our versatile blouses and skirts, paired perfectly with either shorts or leggings for a more relaxed look. Don’t forget to layer up with our stylish cardigans, jackets, and sweaters when the breeze hits.

And, of course, our pleated skirts and Tees provide endless mixing and matching possibilities, allowing you to create unique, fashionable outfits every day.

So, embrace each day with confidence and style. Whether you’re attending a sophisticated affair or just enjoying a day in the park, our curated selection has just what you need to enhance your wardrobe and express your unique style. Dive into our collection and find your perfect fit today!

Materials and Textiles

WDG's Textiles

Your Ultimate Guide to Textile Essentials for Every Australian Fashionista

In the vibrant world of Australian fashion, where diversity and innovation meet sun-soaked style, the materials and textiles we choose define the flair and functionality of our garments. Whether it's a breezy afternoon by the beach or a glamorous evening under city lights, these fabrics are at the heart of Aussie fashionista wardrobes.


Lace, with its intricate patterns, adds a touch of elegance and romance to any outfit, perfect for those special occasions or adding a feminine edge to everyday wear. Chiffon is another favourite, its lightweight and sheer qualities making it ideal for floaty, ethereal dresses that dance with the ocean breeze.

Satin is the go-to for luxe evening wear; its smooth, glossy surface reflects light beautifully, making every wearer shine under the night sky. For a more textured look, Crepe is a stellar choice. Its crinkled surface is not only visually appealing but also wonderfully forgiving and comfortable to wear throughout our long, warm days.

Jacquard fabric, with its raised patterns woven into the fabric rather than printed on the surface, offers a depth of texture that brings a sophisticated dimension to both formal and casual attire. Polyester, versatile and durable, has become a cornerstone in our wardrobes, able to mimic the drape and softness of more natural fibers but with added resilience.

Tulle is the dream fabric for those who love a bit of drama and fantasy in their outfits—think ballet-inspired skirts and frothy layered dresses. Organza, stiff and sheer, works beautifully for creating structure and volume, making it a popular choice for statement sleeves and standout silhouettes.

Rayon, with its silky feel and breathable nature, is perfect for our often humid climate, offering comfort without sacrificing style. Spandex, essential for those body-hugging styles, adds stretch and ensures that garments fit flawlessly, moving with you as you enjoy the dynamic Aussie lifestyle.

Lastly, Taffeta, with its crisp and smooth texture, is often selected for more formal attire, adding a rustling charm to evening gowns and cocktail dresses, echoing the sounds of the bustling city nightlife.

Together, these materials form the backbone of Australian women's fashion, providing both the palette and the canvas for expressions of personal style and cultural identity. Whether stitched into a classic silhouette or draped in avant-garde form, these textiles speak of a nation’s love for beauty, comfort, and innovation.

Details and Features

WDG's Features

Your Ultimate Guide to Dress Features for Every Australian Fashionista

In the eclectic and expressive world of Australian fashion, the details and features of a garment can elevate an outfit from ordinary to outstanding. Emphasizing comfort, elegance, and a flair for the dramatic, Aussie designers incorporate these elements to cater to the vibrant lifestyle of fashion-forward women.


Sleeveless designs are a staple in the warm Australian climate, perfect for both casual outings and upscale events. Adding a V neck creates a flattering silhouette that enhances the natural line of the neck and adds a touch of sophistication.

Sequin and Beaded details catch the brilliant Australian sun and the vibrant lights of the nightlife, making any garment sparkle with a life of its own. For a daring and sultry look, Open-back dresses or tops paired with Illusion necklines offer a hint of mystery and allure, while High neck styles cater to a more refined and modest aesthetic.

The dynamic Pleats add texture and movement to skirts and dresses, ideal for the breezy coastal winds. Halter necklines are perfect for summer festivities, combining comfort with chic style, and the romantic Sweetheart or Sweetheart-neckline offers a timeless elegance ideal for bridal and formal wear.

Off-the-shoulder designs are all about showcasing femininity and sophistication, perfect for evening events or beachside cafes. The artful Draped fabric speaks of ancient Grecian influences, bringing an element of classical beauty to modern fashion.

For a unique and fashionable statement, High-low dresses provide a playful yet elegant style, perfect for showcasing stylish footwear. Striped and Polka-dot patterns offer a fun and casual look, easily paired with both flats and heels for varying occasions.

Functional yet fashionable, Zipper closures ensure a perfect fit, while Lace-up details add a rustic or edgy touch, depending on the styling. Ruched fabric not only enhances the garment’s texture but also flatters the figure, making it a favorite for dresses and tops.

Finally, the Belted waist cinches in dresses and tops to emphasize or create an hourglass silhouette, marrying form and function beautifully.

These details and features are what make Australian women's fashion uniquely adaptive and appealing, catering to a lifestyle that values both beauty and practicality, allowing each woman to express her personality through her wardrobe.

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